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Environment #175: Halftone Dot

The Structure of the Interface

The interface is arranged in a table. Download the interface here. It is in a zip is all set up for you. All you need to do is add your customized text on the blank buttons (on both the on and off versions) and in the nameplate area. These graphics are included in a sub-directory, "images." The other elements (background, arrows, bar, bullet and link-back button) are also included in the download. If you can't add text yourself, or wish the buttons customized with your own labels, I can be hired to do it for you for as little as $20.


Interface: 8 buttons with on and off versions, including one blank for you to customize, 1 nameplate area; Non-interface elements: 2 directional arrows, 1 bar, 1 bullet, 1 divider, 1 link-back button.

The JavaScript

The navigation bar has both "on" and "off" versions. When you customize your blank button, you will need to add text to both--the "on" and the "off" version. The javascript is all set up for you in the zip need to do nothing.


Text: Isadora from 24 Art Nouveau Display Fonts (Dover Electronic Display Fonts Series).

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