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Horatio And The Mad King
Horatio Captures The Natividad
Alliance With El Supremo
Battle Against El Supremo
Lydia Sinks The Natividad
Damaged Lydia Heads For Panama
Return To The Fleet
Return To The Sea
Protecting The Convoy
Disguised As A French Ship
Guerilla Action
Mutiny On The Flame
Disguised As The Flame
Capture Of The Le Harve
Napoleon Is Defeated
A Prisoner In 1811
Horatio Meets Marie And Escapes
Horatio Captures A Ship
Rejoining The Fleet
Horatio Is court-martialed
Into The Baltic
Chasing The Blanche Fluer
Alliance With Russia
Reception With The Czar
Attack On Fort At Fisher S Half
Port Of Riga
Delaying The French
The French Are Stopped
The Duel
The Spanish Leave Napoleon
Looking Back Horatio's First Command
Prisoner Of The French On The Peek
With The 43Rd Marines
Spain Becomes Neutral
Exam For Lieutenant
The Plague
Chasing The Papillion
Command Of The La Mouch
Prisoner And Rescue Of Spanish
First Meeting With Bush
Planning Mutiny On The Renoun
First Attack On Haiti Fails
Attack On Haiti Fort Success
Yellow Fever
Fighting The Spanish On The Renoun
Promoted To Captain Of The Retribution

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