Virtual Digital Gulag USA


Virtual Digital Gulag USA


Republic; I like the sound of the word, it means people can live free talk free, go or come, buy or sell, be drunk or sober however they chose.


Some words give you a feeling. Republic is one of those words that makes me tight in the throat, the same tightness when your baby takes his first step or his first shave, makes his first sound like a man or has his first baby. Some words can give you a feeling that makes your heart warm. Republic is one of those words.


John Wayne


In the 1960ís when the school system in the country was at its best I was taught that the USA was a Democratic Republic. That the founding fathers took two ideas from the past to form a Constitution that would protect us from tyrants. The first was an Athenian Democracy and a Roman Republic. Both historically failed; Democracy failed because of several factors, tyranny of the majority and two cumbersome and prone to popularity of a single leader. The Republic was ended when Caesar crossed the Rubicon with his army and made himself dictator for life. Our forefathers devised a system of checks and balances which included the three branches of government we have today forming Democratic Republic.


The idea of Democracy as put forth by Progressives is enlightening in that what they really mean is a tyranny of the great leader who has the power to supposedly save us no mater how many people have to be killed to bring about the utopian society. The word Utopia [literally: no place] means a perfect place which in reality is an oxymoron.


Republics have fallen because of the great leader since inception because too much power is concentrated in central authority. Rome fell to Caesar, the Russian republic fell to Lenin and Communism and German republic fell to Hitler and the Nazis. The USA has had a more stable and workable republic because the power of the executive has been subject to Congress, the Judiciary and the central Government as a whole is subject to the States in that some of law making is reserved to the states.


In every case Progressives have had several ways to accomplish their tyrannical governments. The Gulag (concentration camp, reeducation camp, internment camp) is one way to get large numbers of people out of the way. Before you can get these up and running they have to ghettoized the people who would be gotten out of the way in order to create a Utopian dictatorship. All of these things have happened here in the USA under Progressive presidents. These Presidents were Lincoln, Wilson, FDR and I think before 2017 with Obama; who will become the last president and first Dictator of the USA.


Electronic frame work for a nation wide Gulag is being put in place. No need to create a camp just put every body under surveillance and send out the new storm troopers. Obama has made good on one promise, the militarization of the police is well on its way with military hardware brought strait home from the Islamic wars. The new Police attitude has changed from protect and serve to keep the average guy in line and kill the family dog first. If you are Christian and you continue to stand by and not say anything about this government allowing Islam to destroy Israel you will find you are next and practicing your religion will place you eventually in a special earthly hell and to be honest with you it will be justly deserved as you stood by and allowed this Nazi governance to happen.


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