Race War Begins


Race War Begins


As riots spread from cost to cost over the non existent illusion that race holds people in poverty and inequality. The real reason is the identity politics of the Democrat party. This party has fed the Black and Hispanic communities a steady diet of Marxist philosophy and victim hood.


It all started in the 1960ís when the Democrat party realized it had lost the war to perpetuate segregation in the south. The thought was how to turn lemons into lemonade. The first step was to turn one hundred and eighty degrees and support de-segregation. The next step was to support civil rights, all this was great stuff. Finally how to turn a profit on the hole deal. To address this the war on poverty was created. How this worked is they sold the idea that they would take money from person A and redirect it to person C and in return would charge a fee of 90% and give that to person B [community leaders] who will channel large sums of money (well laundered) to Democrat party bank accounts across the country to help Democrats [National Socialists] election efforts. This has worked so well that the Democrat party is on the verge of turning the USA into a National Socialist country. Out of almost seventeen trillion dollars fourteen trillion dollars plus has gone to finance this takeover of the USA. The proof is in the condition of the Black and Hispanic Communities. Even my humble self could have taken this fantastic sum and turned these communities from deserts to garden spots.


A lot of us that were Democrats have left the party to become independents because of many factors. My wake up call came when in the 1970ís I had to decide if I was a Christian yes or no and decided that being a Christian was more important than being a Democrat despite my father and his father being Democrats. I am glad I did because my hands are clean in the battle to keep the USA a free country having finally realized in the 1990ís that the Democrat party has been eaten by National Socialists and the Republican party is about to be swallowed by a slightly different brand of National Socialist. As an independent I can be a Christian and support freedom for my fellow Americans.


Democrats are inciting a race war to prepare for economic collapse when they will take off the face of freedom lovers and disclose that National Socialism is their true agenda Actually this face has to some degree slipped a bit to reveal a president perfectly willing and capable of ignoring the constitution. In the future the parallel between how these guys took over Germany in the 1930ís and the take over of the USA will become obvious to the most casual observer. Buy then; as hind sight is twenty twenty; it will be too late!


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