How we get intelligence


How we get intelligence.

How we get articles and how we get intelligence from whistle blowers. This administration has prosecuted over twice as many whistleblowers as all presidents put together. This has created a problem in getting sources for all news outlets. To solve this we here at have taken a page out of history, During the Watergate scandal when the Washington Post was getting information from a whistle blower who called himself Deep Throat. The deal was if the source was accurate the information provided would be used. There is no way that information would be used unverified.

To give us intelligence use the special form that comes up when you click on supply intelligence give your self a code name then supply the information you have, then give yourself a password we can use to identify you and your information instead of giving us your real name. We judge your information based on past effectiveness and fact checking not your position as a whistle blower. You can also code your info using the coding software download we provide just send us a clear message with the passwords you used and tell us how many times you made a pass threw the software. Although we have also replaced your IP address with our IP address it is strongly recommended you use a free library computer to leek.

To write articles for posting just send them in clear form and we will fact check them and if they prove to be accurate then we will publish them under your by line. We can not pay you because of the IRS interference in getting nonprofit status. So we do everything using volunteers.


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