Gut Busting Cold War - US Falters


Gut Busting Cold War - US Falters


This is an old game and again we find ourselves about to collapse and it is not by chance. The plan has been in place for over one hundred years and we have seen it before and but for the attack of the USSR by Hitler, I would be dead and you would be speaking German and or Russian. Whether you like to hear this or not, the USSR made the Nazis look like nice guys.


WWII Nazis are killing civilians, it was called the sardine method, victims laid in layers like sardines in a can an effective way to exterminate many people very quickly. However the real masters of extermination were the Communists. The victims hands would be tied behind the back an expertly aimed shot in the back of the neck and a fall into a large mass grave. These victims were killed by the Soviet Union. The count would be staggering making the Nazis look like as I said the nicer of the two.


It started with Carl Marx in the middle of the ninetieth century and spread threw out the world even to the USA infiltrating almost every corner of the world before and during the twentieth century. The main difference of socialism and capitalism was not freedom although freedom under socialism is not allowed. But the extermination of whole classes of people who were considered preventing harmony. Whole groups of people would have to be killed and in this respect the Nazis and Communists were and are on the same page.


In every country in which Communism was started at least 10% of the population in addition to enemies of the takeover would have to be killed just to reorder society. In Cuba a blood thirsty serial killer named Che Guevara, you know the guy socialists like to ware a tea shirt with his picture on it, in the six months Che was commander the death total at La Cabaña over was about 105 many of these at his own hand. Conflicting views exist of Guevara's attitude towards the executions at La Cabaña. Some exiled opposition biographers report that he relished the rituals of the firing squad, and organized them with gusto, while others relate that Guevara pardoned as many prisoners as he could [ya, I will believe that when pigs fly]. What is acknowledged by all sides is that Guevara had become a "hardened" man, who had no qualms about the death penalty or summary and collective trials. If the only way to "defend the revolution was to execute its enemies, he would not be swayed by humanitarian or political arguments". This is further confirmed by a February 5, 1959, letter to Luis Paredes López in Buenos Aires where Guevara states unequivocally "The executions by firing squads are not only a necessity for the people of Cuba, but also an imposition of the people. This is standard communist thought going all the way back to Carl Marx and Lenin.


When Lenin took power in Russia it was necessary to kill about ten million people and still popular resistance continued. This resistance was in the ethnic republics particularly Ukraine. Stalin in 1932 found this intolerable and ordered all food production from Ukraine taken and the people left with nothing a famine ensued claiming up to 10 million Ukrainian lives as peasants' food stocks were forcibly removed by the Soviet government by the NKVD secret police. Some explanations for the causes for the excess deaths in rural areas of Ukraine, southern Russia and Kazakhstan during the Soviet famine of 1932–33 have been given by dividing the causes into three groups: objective non-policy-related factors, like the drought of 1931 and poor weather in 1932; inadvertent result of policies with other objectives, like rapid industrialization, socialization of livestock and neglected crop rotation patterns; and deaths caused intentionally by a starvation policy. The Communist leadership perceived famine not as a humanitarian catastrophe but as a means of class struggle and used starvation as a punishment tool to force peasants into collective farms. It was largely the same groups of individuals who were responsible for the mass killing operations during the civil war, collectivization, and the Great Terror. These groups were associated with Efim Georgievich Evdokimov (1891–1939) and operated in Ukraine during the civil war, in the North Caucasus in the 1920s, and in the Secret Operational Division within General State Political Administration (OGPU) in 1929–31. Evdokimov transferred into Communist Party administration in 1934, when he became Party secretary for North Caucasus Krai. But he appears to have continued advising Joseph Stalin and Nikolai Yezhov on security matters, and the latter relied on Evdokimov's former colleagues to carry out the mass killing operations that are known as the Great Terror in 1937–38.


On January 13, 2010, Kiev Appellate Court posthumously found Stalin, Kaganovich and other Soviet Communist Party functionaries guilty of genocide against Ukrainians during the Holodomor famine.


With Joseph Stalin's change of course in the late 1920s, however, Moscow's toleration of Ukrainian national identity came to an end. Systematic state terror of the 1930s destroyed Ukraine's writers, artists and intellectuals; the Communist Party of Ukraine was purged of its "nationalist deviationists". Two waves of Stalinist political repression and persecution in the Soviet Union (1929–34 and 1936–38) resulted in the killing of some 681,692 people; this included four-fifths of the Ukrainian cultural elite and three-quarters of all the Red Army's higher-ranking officers.


As I said before this idea that socialists have that to create a harmony in society over 10% of the population must of necessity be killed is and is a main tenant of all Marxist sects. A Marxist by any other name is still a Marxist. This created the alliance of Nazis and Constipated Communists not only in the thirties and forties but even today. In the sixties and seventies the weathermen were not hiding the fact that socialists planed on killing about 20 million Americans as a necessity to bring about a socialist government. Today this type of thought is well camouflaged as these guys play one group against another. The main thought is that National Socialism is just a way station on the road to a full Communist state.


One of the more interesting things I discovered is that the global warming theology is not new. It all began about the time Marx was formulating his manuscript on socialism. The global warming idea was predicated on the idea that the earth was over populated and causing environmental problems. At this time the little ice age was starting to wane. Many cities in Europe were couched in smog from the use of wood and coal as a source of heat and industrialization. This created a movement toward looking at humanity as a parasite on the face of the earth.


By 1919 the socialists found environmentalism as a justification for many policies to reduce populations even more than 10%. The idea that animals were superior to man because they lived and died in harmony of the earth eco structure. The National Socialists (Nazis) embraced these ideas and this environmental belief helped formulate the theology of the Nazis that there was a super race and the rest of the races were parasites that at some point would have to be exterminated. Hitler and his leadership corps were all vegetarian and put in laws similar to what is advocated by PETA today in regard to animals. To day we see this eco socialism as a prime mover in our country. With many organizations dedicated to environmentalism. The entertainment establishment socialists have put out eco movie after eco movie today the movie Noah puts forth this eco drivel that man is bad and animals are good. Despite monumental efforts to clean up our environment these socialists are doubling down on this eco activism causing major damage to the countries ability to support its citizens.


In the early Nineties I landed a low level job with an environmental company. While there I had a chance to see the good side of environmentalism and was very proud to work at such a company. After a year or so the ugly dark side of environmental cult made itself known to me. The global warming, animals are good and man kind is bad group were touting the hockey stick graph which showed that man made global warming gases were steadily increasing to an alarming amount and was responsible for this warming. After some investigation I discovered that the rise in water levels on the planet were directly attached to global warming. The surprising thing was that the graph of water level increases over one hundred years was linear and proved to me that man kind did not have any appreciable effect on global warming.


This started me on a quest to investigate farther. One thing that came to my attention is that during the height of the Ice Age the CO2 levels were 10,000 PPM proven by ice core readings taken in the arctic. Today despite CO2 levels about 400 PPM the cult of environmental fanatics insist that CO2 is a global warming gas. This led me to investigate the EPA. The EPA was started to clean up the air, water and toxic waist sites. However this was just a cover. Actually the main thrust of this cult was to reduce world wide population. This was done by banning DDT world wide and by the year 2000 almost 200 mil. people mostly in Africa have died by banning the most safe and effective cheaply made pesticide. What was really eye opening was that the science that connected DDT to death of eagles was falsified. The same was also true of global warming science and the CO2 hoax.


Recently I discovered that the current anti-fracking movement not only here in the USA but Europe is being sponsored by Russia as part of a long range plan to weaken the western countries and allow Russia to regain lost glory. Just how many people are involved and for how long is a good question? The problem is the activist, these guys and gals have an over active glandular system. This genetic defect mellows out as the activist ages in most cases, but for some this can be a life long defect. To get a group of activists together it is only necessary to exaggerate a problem and create an injustice for recruitment. These cults rise up and no amount of scientific facts will dissuade them that their objective is faulty. That is why I refrain from naming people and demonizing them. You never know who is an activist or a devil. Instead it is easy to identify groups as evil and I do so instead of people.


The primary group responsible for the downfall of the USA and Europe are Marxists (remember a Marxist By Any Other Name Is Still A Marxist). Here in the USA the Progressives both Democrat and Republican are the people who are Marxists, granted about 70% of Democrats and 30% of Republicans fit this mold. My father and his father before him were Democrats as was I when returning from the war in 1970. But by the middle of the seventies I became an independent because I had to decide if I was a Christian yes or a Christian no there was no I guess so in that decision. I am very glad I did because as of this date the most accurate description of the Democrat party is the Nazi Marxist party and I wonder how much the old alliance with the environmental cult and Russia, Hitler forged is still operative today?


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