Government Defrauds Gay Community


Government Defrauds Gay Community


My wife and I decided to elope to Gainsville Texas and had a justice of the peace marry us on August 8, 1986. Next on September 20, 1986 we had a spiritual union for life ceremony. After about six years of married life we decided to extend our spiritual union from life to all eternity in a spiritual ceremony.


If the purpose of being here in the physical illusion is spiritual growth then to form a spiritual union becomes a great way to energize this endeavor. The two parties hopefully find in each other offsetting attributes that supercharge this spiritual union. The soul has no sex so when a person is born into life the sex this soul has to deal with is determined by scientific factors.


The difference between male and female is that the male thinks front of the brain to back giving the male better spatial acuity which is good for hunting and moving about the environs he finds himself in. But the female thinks side to side of the brain which make the female better resource managers. But this is only half the story. Male and female are equal but different in spiritual terms. Finding the person that completes you and make a good partner for life is a great thing but finding a person that is a perfect soul mate for all eternity is a rare thing indeed.


Render onto Caesar that which is Caesar’s and onto Heavenly Father that which is Heavenly Father’s. Stated differently; the government can not create a spiritual union. The government can create a special form of partnership and set out the details for that partnership. The government both state and federal have sold the gay community on marriage as a spiritual union it can not create which is a monstrous fraud.


One of the worst frauds perpetrated on the gay community is gender reassignment. The outrages money paid for this fraud is a way to generate large sums of money for greedy people who are willing to take advantage of the most vulnerable of us. As explained in the book ‘Every Thing You Wanted To Know About Sex And Were Afraid To Ask’ this procedure is pure Frankenstein mutilation that in the end does not change the situation for the victim. Every morning the victim opens the medicine cabinet and starts taking from 5 to 10 pills, this procedure is repeated every night for life. This constant reminder that the victim then perpetrates on those people who are then defrauded into thinking they are dealing with a real person of one sex or an other. This is to say nothing of the spiritual fraud that is then perpetrated on those seeking a true spiritual union is the most monstrous fraud that can be perpetrated.


The worst fraud perpetrated by the progressives (I call them Nazis) is that they are a part of the many groups these Nazis use to gain power and will be part of the power structure. Sorry Charley! In the end you and many other groups will find yourselves mashed under the heal of these monsters. You are just a camouflage covering these guys identity politics of divide and destroy freedom and equal justice.


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