DOJ; Polar Bear Hunts Not Racist


DOJ; Polar Bear Hunts Not Racist


The complicated race baiting nature of the Democrat party stretches back to Woodrow Wilson and his racist views. As a promoter of the KKK President Wilson purged the military of Black persons and was a great supporter of Segregation in the south. This racist point of view permeated the Democrat party in the south and lasted well into the 1960ís.


Politics of the Progressives made a great shift starting in the late 1950ís and early 1960ís to realizing the southern Democrats were becoming a problem in enacting their agenda. Often siding with conservatives on economic maters. JFK was conservative and was also sympathetic to the plight of Black southerners. The rhetoric prevailing at the time castigated JFK much as the rhetoric castigated President Bush in his second term.


I remember going to hear JFK give a stump speech in October 1960 as a teenager. In today's parlance he gave a Tea Party Conservative speech. I was on the fence as to what party to join in several years when I was old enough. My mom was a Republican and my dad a Democrat, but after that speech I decided to be a Democrat when I was old enough. Looking back and viewing the recent many programs on the JFK assassination it became a high probability that Oswald was the lone gunman. Oswald was a constipated Communist and would feel quit at home in the far left wing of todayís Democrat party. I can see how he would consider JFK a bad president that must be assassinated. Today JFK would be very close to a tea party supporter and the rhetoric would be just as bad focused at him if he spoke out about how the Progressives have eaten the Democrat party.


The rhetoric coming out of the Democrat Progressives is based on hate and discontent and has created the atmosphere where the violence in the black community is spilling out into other communities in the form of polar bear hunts, a game fostered by present day race baiting by Democrat Progressives. The DOJ has become a racist organization predicated on the Hitler definition of you can not discriminate against power. The presumption is that the white man has all the power [this would also include Jews & Christians) and any injustice perpetrated against this power is well deserved. What many do not know is that over forty percent of the people lynched by the KKK were white and the Republican party was primarily responsible for Black community equality over the years. The revenge for this the Democrat Progressives have bought the leadership of the Black community with tons of money from the war on poverty splitting the proceeds in the form of power which can then be turned into gold. The war on poverty pumped 20 trillion dollars into this plan over the years and the end result is a Black community that genuflects and votes for these crooks every election despite unbelievably high crime and murder rate in these same communities. In the last 40 years a new plan for the Hispanic community has emerged just as corrupt.


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