Alert-Alert-Alert Polar Bear Hunts


Alert-Alert-Alert The Polar Bear Hunt Game


It will happen like this;


You are walking quietly along down the street when a black teen walk up to you and Slug you Without Warning - You are lucky if that is all.


You are walking quietly along in a parking lot of a store in Spokane Washington when two black teens walk up to you and beat you to death.


You are jogging down a deserted street in Durant Oklahoma when a car with 3 teens 2 black and one white slowly comes up behind you and a black teen leans out of the window and shoots you in the back.


You are walking down the street in Missouri a car slowly passes you and then stops about ten feet from you and one of three black teens gets out of the car and shoots you in the chest then hops back in the car and they drive off.


You and your girl friend go to dinner in Knoxville Tennessee and then a movie, you arrive a few minutes late to the movie and four black teens one a woman hijack your car and take you to a secluded place. There they use a rod to rape you and set you on fire. Then they raped in every possible way your girl friend then while she is still alive pour bleach on and down her throat stuff her with a bag over her head into a trash can while still alive where she dies a slow and painful death.


Your wife is taking your 18 month old for a walk in a stroller. When two black teens accost her asking for money. She has no money they fire three shots one misses one hits your wife in the leg and one hits your son right between the eyes.


These are just a few of the well over one thousand incidents the media and the DOJ do not want you to know about and do to selective enforcement will not prosecute as hate crimes. The one time a person had a gun to protect himself the President and the black community tries to claim racism and want to not only jail the guy who protected himself killing the black thug that was pounding him. They then use the same case as a reason to take your guns away. What is an insult to all Americans these bad guys called for these revenge killings and beatings for Travon Martin who was one of these gang bangers. Yes I know; they did not specifically say do these things but having revisited the talking points of the powerful who spoke on the subject of Travon Martin it was clear to me that they were well aware that revenge killings and beatings would take place. Which is what is happening and was and is quite predictable.


You have to be aware that there are even more groups of black teens going into areas that at one time were safe for all races and then hunting Hispanics and Whites to visit revenge for Travon. One question I have for Travonís Mother; When will there be enough blood spilled in your veiled request for vengeance?


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