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Christian Holocaust
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Over 500 Christians are killed every day by Muslims World wide for no other reason than they are Christian! Muslims are quietly invading every country they can and will when strong enough kill you for no other reason than you are Christian!
While spending 40 years as an armchair Archeologist and Anthropologist I noticed that if you take Jews and Christians (in general) and set them down in a desert they will turn it into a garden spot. You can take Muslims and Marxists (in general) and set them down in a garden spot they will turn it into a desert. It is more complicated but this holds true threw out history.

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Being Successful In Life

1] Do not waste time feeling sorry for yourself

2] Do not give away your power by blaming others or situations

3] Do not avoid change if it is called for

4] Do not waste energy on things you can not change

5] Do not worry about pleasing everyone

6] Do not fear taking calculated risks

7] Do not over analyze the past

8] Do not make the same mistakes over and over

9] Do not resent other peoples success

10] Do not give up after the first failure

11] Do not fear alone time

12] Do not feel that the world or anyone owes you anything

13] Do not expect immediate results

Note: After reading this article I thought this was just common sense. But after reflection it became obvious to me that this in part is what Christ taught us!

  "Back Door! " written by: Webmaster on 9.11.15
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Mass Shooting At Umpqua Community College Oregon! Shooter May Have Been Muslim Convert! Obama Administration Uses Shooting To Call For Gun Ban Using Common Sense Regulations? Despite Need For Personal Protection.
Still No Conformation That Rumors True That Mass Shooting At Umpqua Was Lone Wolf Muslim Attack. Obama Administration In Panic Mode If Muslim Connection Proves Accurate!
Mass kill Of Christians Continues As Obama Administration Ignores! Dems Continue Persecution Of Christians At Hone.
Fall Out From Hospital Bombing In Afghanistan Continues As Administration Attempts To draw Attention To Gun Control.
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